Lucky Ducky Dogs


Lucky Ducky Dogs is FOR SALE! We are selling the business, or just the food truck. CLICK FOR DETAILS
Welcome to Lucky Ducky Dogs! We are the silly truck with serious food from a gourmet food truck based in Dallas, Texas, but as Johnny Cash sang, “We’ve been everywhere man. We’ve been to Plano, Garland, Fort Worth, Midlothian, Farmers Branch, Addison, Frisco…” We believe food trucks should offer items and dishes that you will never find in a regular restaurant.  If you have been to our truck then you know what we are talking about! Check out our menu. Watch out for the alligator sausage!


Sure we have classic all beef hot dogs, but we also have peanut butter and bacon wrapped ones. Our favorite items though are our gourmet sausages – our chicken and duck sausage are chunky not puréed like you get at a store.  We even have a great vegetarian dish as well! Our bread though does steal the show. No hot dog buns here! Our fresh bread is similar to a brioche bun and acts like a pillow cradling your meat of choice.


We do not have a set ‘route’ that we run, as this time of year we are overwhelmed with requests from all over DFW to serve food. Easiest way to make sure we are near you, is to hire us to cater an event. We really enjoy private catered events! We even change up the names of our hot dogs and sausages to fit the theme of your party!


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Lucky Ducky Dogs Food Truck